Screw Compressors for Laser Cutting

Looking for a screw air compressor for your Laser Cutting business? We've got you covered!

CPM screw compressor

Our CPM Screw Air Compressor

We understand the unique requirements your laser cutting business may be facing. That is why we are proud to introduce our new state of the art 16 bar screw compressor for laser cutting services. Cut through the competition today with brand new cut through technology.

The main factors which affect the metal laser cutting thickness and cutting efficiency are the power of the laser cutting machine, the type of auxiliary gas, the pressure, and the flow rate of the auxiliary gas. Air compressors, as the auxiliary gas provider, plays a critical role in laser cutting. When choosing an air compressor for laser cutting machines, those factors should be considered comprehensively.

How can the high-quality screw compressor help you?

With high outlet pressure we ensure:

  • Cutting speed and thickness
  • Blow away metal debris
  • High efficiency in cutting

With stable free air delivery, we can ensure the quality of the surface (smooth like a mirror) and with less water and oil in the air, we can ensure the lifetime of the laser heads.

Key benefits:

  • 16 bar outlet pressure
  • Dew point controlled dry air
  • High efficiency coalescence filtration
  • Activated carbon filter for clean oil less air

Download our leaflet below to learn more about our air compressor package for the laser cutting industry.

Listen to Tim Webster discuss our CPM 15-30 16 bar package below

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Laser Cutting Industry

Interested in learning more?

We have an industry page dedicated to laser cutting. Here you can find out even more about our CPM 15-30_16 bar rotary screw compressor. You will also learn why this air compressor is the most suitable for laser cutting applications.