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Fixed and variable speed oil-injected screw compressors

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Compressors in fixed and variable speed

Whether you are looking for a variable or fixed speed compressor, you can rely on the compressors of Chicago Pneumatic. While variable speed compressors maintain a constant air pressure and adjust the motor speed to meet your air demand, fixed speed compressors are the ideal match for industries that require a constant air demand. 

Explore our range below by selecting variable speed or fixed speed. Do you have questions about which compressor works best for your industry? Contact Chicago Pneumatic tech support or find a local distributor today.


Variable Speed
Variable speed compressors

Fixed Speed
Fixed speed compressors


Our complete range of oil-injected screw compressors:

2 products found

Fixed speed

    Oil-injected screw compressors with a fixed speed drive for a constant air flow. Discover our broad range!

Variable speed compressors

    Oil-injected screw compressors with a variable speed drive for a variable air demand. Discover our broad range!