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Laser Cutting Industry

Screw Air Compressors in Australia

Trustworthy, reliable and energy efficient technology is essential for many Australian manufacturers. Screw compressors can provide the most suitable solution for the needs of your business.

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We provide efficient and reliable performance with our range of screw air compressors. Using a rotary screw element, air is efficiently compressed in a stable flow. We offer two types: Variable Speed Drive Screw Compressor or Fixed Speed Drive Screw Compressors.

A Compact, Reliable and Energy Efficient Solution

Our rotary screw air compressors combine proven design with superior performance. We offer screw compressors in a range of sizes, from small to large. We are supported by a network of trained service technicians who will solutions for all your unique compressed air needs. No matter what part of Australia you are residing in, we have a screw compressor for you.

How We Play a Role in your Compressor Journey

Our screw air compressors are available in both fixed speed and variable speed drives. The variable speed drive helps minimise energy consumption by automatically adjusting speed to air demand. Whereas the fixed speed drive are useful when you are in need of a constant air flow. With many sizes to suit, we are sure to find a perfect solution for your needs. 

Our screw compressors are suitable for many different industrial applications and industries. This includes the Laser Cutting Industry, who are in need of a higher air pressure. We recently introduced the CPM Screw Air Compressor package in 16 bar technology specifically for this reason. If you are interested to learn more about Rotary Screw Compressors for the Laser Cutting Industry, click here.

Watch Tim Webster from Industry Update discuss the CPM below

We are market leading manufacturers and distributors of compressed air products including screw compressors, piston compressors and air treatment. When you need an industrial air compressor system, we are sure to have the right solution. With years of experience, we can design compressors which are efficient and reliable to suit all your needs. 

Our people start every day with a passion to research, develop, manufacture and deliver new products that meet the needs of today AND tomorrow. All this has come together because we consistently practice our brand promise - People. Passion. Performance.

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