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Air Compressor Sales in Brisbane

Chicago Pneumatic Compressors authorised distributors located in Brisbane

We have authorised Chicago Pneumatic dealers located in Brisbane. With a locations in Brisbane, Genelite and can assist service throughout Queensland. If you are looking for Chicago Pneumatic products within Brisbane, contact our closest dealer. We sell a range of air compressor and air treatment solutions including piston compressors, compressed air dryers, compressed air filters and rotary screw compressors.

Genelite - Brisbane

A Chicago Pneumatic authorised dealer with a head office location in the city of Salisbury. They service areas around the city such as the Brisbane city centre, Rocklea, Cooper Plains and Moorooka. Genelite can also be found in many over locations around Australia including Townsville, Perth and Mornington. Get in touch today and they will help you find the most suitable solution based on your professional needs.

Genelite - Brisbane (East Coast Head Office)

24 Perrin Place
Salisbury , Queensland
4107 australia