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Screw Compressors

The solution for all your compressed air needs

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When you require a constant demand for air, Chicago Pneumatic screw compressors provide the perfect solution. By using a rotary screw element, the air is compressed in a stable flow efficiently. We have screw compressors available to all parts of Australia, to ensure you receive the right solution based on your needs. Our screw compressors will provide you with a compact, reliable and enery efficient solution. 

Screw Air Compressors Available in Fixed Speed and Variable Speed

Our variable speed drive screw compressors helps to minimise energy consumption by automatically adjusting speed to air demand. Whereas the fixed speed drive screw compressors are useful when you are in need of a constant air flow. Both provide a reliable source of compressed air and available in a range of sizes to suit your needs. Speak to someone today to find the perfect solution

High Quality Components in Our Screw Compressors

The quality of components in our screw air compressors are of high standard to ensure a longer lifetime and maintenance costs are kept low. With distributors of Chicago Pneumatic compressors located around Australia, we are sure to find you the most suitable compressed air solution based on your needs. Give us a call today on 1300 555 284 or email here to find out more about our screw compressors.  


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