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What do I need to know about ICONS?

Intelligent Connectivity System (ICONS)

Intelligent Connectivity System (ICONS) is the eyes into your compressed air system. Ditch the logbooks, the regular visits to the compressor room and dealing with surprised with your compressor.

  • Most maintenance organisations operate between 10% to 40% efficiency
  • Most spend more than 50% of time on emergency work
  • Reactive maintenance costs 3-5 times more than preventive maintenance

Proactive Planning

Profitability starts with insight. By always knowing the performance of your compressor allows you to make smart used of resources. With ICONS, you can plan to proactively perform maintenance, repairs, and replacements so that you can prevent failures before they ever have the chance to occur.

Fast response times

With ICONS, you can review the compressor status online, at any time. Better yet, it also gives you a direct link to your equipment distributor, Chicago Pneumatic. We can advise you better than ever, and help to prevent interruptions by fixing problems at any early stage. Your organisational efficiency will improve as well, as service visits will be planned better.

Right time: Online logging and a monthly service email giving you an overview of your machine.

Always knowing the right time for service, you can plan your resources and costs while making sure your compressor keeps running efficiently.

UPTIME: Warnings forwarded as emails and/or text messages.

Notifications will come to you to allow you to take corrective action and avoid a breakdown. UPTIME is all about maximum equipment uptime, with a clear list of events and availability performance dashboard.

More information:

Please contact [email protected] or 1300 555 463 for additional information and support. We look forward to helping.


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