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Why Become a Chicago Pneumatic Distributor?

10 reasons to take the guessing out of it!

When you become a CP distributor, you become part of our family. We treat you the way we would want to be treated. Belowe are just a few reasons to keep in mind when considering:

  1. Over 100 years of experience at your disposal
  2. A large product portfolio with all-in-one online order solution
  3. Warranty backed quality products
  4. Distributor specific portal with information on all our products
  5. A designed team to offer factory and technical support
  6. Competitively priced machines that are sold to our distributors and not end consumers
  7. Training provided to your technicians to allow you to service the machines you sell
  8. We invest in our distributors through CO-OP branding and advertising programs
  9. No strict requirements on distributor agreements (stock requirements, sales requirements to maintain relationship)
  10.  We work hard to establish a relationsip with out distributors. When you have questions, or should you ever experience a problem we will be there to help.

For more information on becoming a distributor, please reach out to [email protected] or 1300 555 284.

Whether you have questions about which compressor is right for you, or if you're ready to improve your operations and start saving on expenses. Chicago Pneumatic has been around for over 100 years because we offer reliable and hardworking air compressors, as well as expert advice and support.

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