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Automotive Air Compressor Solutions

Our compressed air solution for the motor vehicle industry are energy efficient.

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Extensive Experience

We have years of experience with air compressors suitable for a range of industries Our compressed air products will suit your needs perfectly, for many applications.

Highly Efficient

We provide you with the best and most efficient air compressors for automotive air tools guaranteeing peace of mind for our customers.

Clean solutions for automated car paint lines

We have compressed air solutions to assist with all applications within the automotive industry compliant with ISO norms. Optimise efficiency with our compresse air products.

Lower cost for high quality air

Delivering compressed air products with a low total cost of ownership for our customers is what we strive for. Our automotive air compressors are extremely energy efficient, additionally Variable Speed Drive compressors avoid any air losses, this resuts in the lowest possible total cost of ownership.

One stop solution

We have the necessary technologies for applications in the automotive industry. Compressed air is used in every phase of production from the assembly line to the paint, press and body shop. We can supply all your compressed air needs.

Compressor applications for the automotive industry

Instrument air

Compressed air is used for robots and pneumatic tools for assembling cars

Pneumatic conveying

Compressed air used for transport of materials/plastic, fabrication, moldings

Pick and place

Compressed air is used to generate a vacuum without a need for decentralised equipment at your production line

Car spray painting

Compressed air for multiple layers of car paint. Silicone-free air for water-borne car paint

Laminating and testing of windshields

Compressed air is used to cut, transport, laminate and test the windshields for car manufacturers

Wastewater Treatment

Compressed air is use to treat wastewater that is used during the production process in the automotive industry




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