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Medical Industry - Operating theatre

Healthcare Solutions

Our oil-free medical compressed air solutions are 100% reliable, safe and certified for hospitals, dental practices, veterinary labs or clinical work environments

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Zero Oil = Zero Risk

When it comes to using compressor air for patients, you cannot afford to compromise. We have a range of oil-free medical air compressors suitable for your industry.

Highly Reliable Medical Air

Our medical compressed air solutions deliver ultra-clean, purified medical gas to operating theaters and hospital beds. The medical gas is suited for the critical field of patient care.

Pre-certified Systems

The medical sector is more regulated than it was previously. We ensure our medical systems are pre-certified to simplify your certification process upon installation

Matching your medical needs

Medically certified gases will help you to successfully treat your patients and make sure your medical equipment functions effectively. Oil-free air compressors are developed to meet the specific demands of a variety of applications. We offer state of the art medical gas solutions.

Ensuring Patient Safety with Oil-Free Air

We offer oil-free air compressors suitable for the healthcare and medical industry. These oil-free compressors have been develped to comply with the specific medical requirements and regulations. When it comes to the safety of patients, there is no other choice than oil-free medical air compressors. The oil-free air compressors remove any risk of feeding oil into the hospital pipelines and delivering it to patients. We use our experience to install oil-free air compressors.

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