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Air Compressors for Pharmaceutical Industry

Clean compressed air systems for all pharmaceutical applications. Our compressors have been certified to suit the standards for pharmaceutical manufacturing. Enjoy a low total cost of ownership thanks to high energy efficiency.

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Satisfactory to Pharmaceutical Air Standards

To avoid contamination, disruptions, shutdowns or recalls, it is important the oil-free air used in pharmaceutical manufacturing is qualified to certain standards.

Compressed Air Knowledge

We have been providing compressed air to a number of industries for years. We use this knowledge and experience to find you the most ideal solution for your compressor needs. We can provide peace of mind.

High Energy Efficiency

Our oil free air compressors are an energy efficient machine, giving you energy savings on your compressed air installation.

Clean Compressed Air for the Pharmaceutical Applications

Service & Parts Industries & applications Products

Our experience providing compressed air solutions to a number of industries, means we can assist in ensuring your compressed air technology needs are met in the pharmaceutical industry. We offer total compressed air solutions to your business including air compressors, compressed air dryers, compressed air filters and other compressed air products. Our compressors provide efficient and reliable solutions.

Reliable Compressed Air Products

Our reliable compressed air range provides you with peace of mind, as out machines have been tested to ensure the efficiency of the compressor. With Chicago Pneumatic compressors you will recieve machines with optimal uptime and we have locations around Australia to ensure you can reach us and recieve efficient service if problems do occur. Get in touch with us today to speak about our oil free compressors and other compressed air products on 1300 555 284.

Pharmaceutical Industry Applications


Oil free compressed air can clean and remove moisture from the packaging, bottle, tubes or cans depending on the product. During the compression process the air will come into contact with the product. To prevent any risk of contamination, it is essential for the air to be 100% oil-free.

Manufacturing of Tablets

Almost every phase of the compression process includes compressed air coming into contact. Mixing and granulation, packaging, drying, coating and pressing. Class 0 air avoids contaminations to the end product.

Manufacturing ointments and creams

Before products are filled into tubes and vials they must be clean and dried to remove any dust or moisture. Oil-free air ensure there is no contamination to the end product.


Sterile air aerates a fermenter. The air must not be contaminated as bacteria will pollute the end product.

Instrumentation air 

Air is used for pneumatic conveying during the manufacturing process. Air comes into contact with the product so the air must be clean. The compressed air can also be used to control valves, sorting, polishing and more.

Wastewater Treatment

Water used during the manufacturing process must be treated first or the product could be contaminated. The water should also be treated before it is reused or released. More on wastewater treatment.


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