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Chicago Pneumatic Celebrates 120 Years of Passion for Performance

February 17, 2022

Press Release

In 2021, Chicago Pneumatic celebrates 120 years of passion for performance and long-lasting partnerships. 

CP 120 years emblem thumbnail
The Chicago Pneumatic company was founded in 1901 when innovator John W. Duntley patented the first single-valve pneumatic hammer. In the same year, steel magnate Charles M. Schwab invested heavily in the company, giving it a flying start and opportunities for further expansion. Since then, we have enjoyed many decades of collaboration with customers and business partners, based on technology and trust. To mark out proud legacy and shape our inspiring future, an updated visual identity is being launched along-side of many celebratory activities planned during the year. For more information please contact: 1300 555 284 [email protected]