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Chicago Pneumatic Goes Regional

February 17, 2022

Chicago Pneumatic Compressors goes regional with our first CPM 60/8 ES4000 Touch Controller & ICONS for Regional Victoria with Martin's Maintenance. Wayne has been in the Compressed Air Business for the last 20 years and is without a doubt one of the more experienced service providers out in the Bendigo Ballarat region.

Wayne from Martin's Maintenance

The customer had Broadbent units not able to cope with the ongoing operation and looked to Wayne to provide a comprehensive solution to their air shortage. A whole new set up with a matching dryer, pre and post filter and a vertical Air Receiver were installed. The unit was successfully started up and commissioned and the customer was all praise with the ES4000 Touch Controller & ICONS upgrade that was optioned. Full status of machine and connectivity could be viewed on a touch screen display. 

For more information on how we can help with your compressed air systems, call Wayne of Martin's Maintenance on 0437 653 625.


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