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Energy-Efficient Solution Impresses Leading PVC Piping Manufacturer in Perth

May 7, 2024

Air Tools WA, a trusted distributor of Chicago Pneumatic, have recently completed a successful installation for a prominent manufacturer and supplier of PVC piping to the construction and building industry in Perth. The installation featured the cutting-edge CPVS 120 90kW energy-saving Variable Speed Drive compressor, accompanied by the CPX 700 refrigerant dryer and a comprehensive pre/post filter package.

Powering Efficiency with Cutting-Edge Technology

The installation of Chicago Pneumatic's state-of-the-art machinery underscores the commitment to providing energy-efficient solutions for the industrial sector. The CPVS120 VSD OIS compressor is renowned for its impressive energy-saving capabilities, ensuring optimal performance while minimising energy consumption. Paired with the CPX 700 refrigerant dryer and a specialised filter package, the entire system aims to enhance operational efficiency and prolong the lifespan of the equipment.

Compressor Exceeding Expectations

The manufacturer and supplier of PVC piping in Perth expressed immense satisfaction with the performance of the installed machinery. Happy with the success of the initial installation, the customer has taken a proactive step by placing orders for a second package comprising the same cutting-edge machines. This speaks volumes about the customer's confidence in the reliability and effectiveness of the compressed air system provided by Chicago Pneumatic.

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