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Save on Energy Costs with AIRchitect

March 21, 2024

AIRchitect: Your Comprehensive Compressed Air Audit Solution

Ensure your compressed air system is in top shape with AIRchitect. This innovative measurement equipment seamlessly integrates with all compressors, offering a holistic view of your system.

By merging measurements and simulations, AIRchitect enhances savings without interrupting your operations. The quick installation process ensures no downtime for your compressors. 

How does AIRchitect operate?

AIRchitect's recording tools, embedded within the power cable, continuously monitor and record your compressor room's electricity consumption. This real-time data collection allows for an accurate assessment of your compressors' energy usage.

After analysing the data, AIRchitect provides a detailed report about your compressed air system's performance and recommends various solutions. Each report clearly outlines potential power savings, CO2 reduction, and potential savings on bills.

Queensland Business Energy Saving and Transformation Rebate

In addition to the benefits of AIRchitect, businesses in Queensland can take advantage of the Queensland Energy Efficiency Rebate program. This program offers a rebate of up to $12,500 for the purchase and installation of energy-efficient equipment. This initiative helps Queensland businesses to reduce their operating costs and become more energy-efficient.

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