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Time for Next Level of Pneumatic Performance with Chicago Pneumatic

February 17, 2022

In an ideal world, you never have to think about compressed air. It just must be there when you need it, as practical and cost-effective as possible.

Chicago Pneumatic's 110-160kW screw compressors are designed and built to give you that essential combination of reliability and efficiency. Easy to install, use and service, you can count on the fixed-speed CPF and the variable speed CPVS feature maintenance-free components that ensure a higher up-time. Consumables with a long lifetime minimise downtime, as well as your operational costs.

Focus on your core business

The CPF and CPVS 151-220 will not let you down. From the outside in, it starts with a robust canopy that can withstand the hottest, dirtiest and dustiest conditions. Looking in, the CPF and CPVS feature maintenance-free components that ensure a higher up-time. Consumables with a long lifetime minimise downtime, as well as your operational costs.

Easy Operation

We know you have no time to lose. That is why we designed the CPF and the CPVS to be easy to use and service. The intuitive ES4000T controller offers a host of air system management and monitoring options. The touchscreen gives you status updates and service alerts before performance becomes a problem. Servicing your CPF and CPVS is just as straightforward and hassle-free. The service panels can be removed quickly for immediate access to all mechanical and electrical components to ensure swift maintenance with minimal downtime.

Variable Speed Drive for energy savings

If you have a stable compressed air demand, a fixed-speed compressor will work just fine for you. However, if your air use flucuates during the day or week, a compressor always running at 100 per cent will waste a lot of energy. The CPVS 151-220 Variable Speed Drive (VSD) compressors adjust their motor speed to follow your air demand as it goes up and down. The result: up to 30 per cent energy savings. As energy takes up more than 70 per cent of the cost of owning and operating a compressor, these savings quickly add up.

Increased Reliability, powered by ICONS

With the Intelligent CONnectivity System (ICONS), you get data and insights from your machines delivered to your computer, table or smartphone. 

  • Get notified by text or email whenever your machine requires your attention.
  • Control your maintenance costs and ensure a longer machine life.
  • Increase the reliability of your machine by identifying problems before they become a threat to the continuity of your production.

Boost your Efficiency with the Econtrol6

Are you operating multiple compressors? Synchronise your machines and increase the reliability of your air supply with the ECOntrol6 central controller solution. One single touchscreen display gives you a host of air system management options. This includes narrowing down the operating pressure band for maximum energy savings. You can also equalise the running hours of your compressors to save on maintenance costs.

We've Got Your Compressed Air Covered

Of course, you want to get the most out of your CPF and CPVS. Extend the Chicago Pneumatic reliability and performance thoroughout your compressed air system by using the down stream air treatment equipment such as air reciever tanks, refrigerant or desiccant dryers, line filters, oil-water separators and centralised multiple compressor controllers.

*Article first appeared on Manufacturers Monthly here


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