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The CPVS PM Screw Compressor

Chicago Pneumatic's High Effciency Permanent Magnet Screw Compressors

The new CPVS PM are Chicago Pneumatics high efficiency Permanent Magnet Screw Compressors. The energy efficiency of these Screw Compressors is revolutionary as it includes a new and innovative drive train with an oil cooled interior permanent magnet (IPM) motor and imperium variable speed technology. Both the IPM motor and variable speed technology have been designed and developed in house.

CP CPVS PM Product Pictures

Innovative Interior Permanent Magnet Motor

The innovative oil-cooled IPM motor technology is maintenance-free and energy saving which will ensure a lower total cost of ownership. The design of the new integrated direct drive transmission is coupling-free with minimal transmission losses and has no gears or belts. The new screw compressor element of the CPVS PM reduces pressure losses and improves the rotor profile to ensure a longer lifetime of your compressor.

Variable Speed Technology Tailored for Screw Compressors

The Imperium variable speed technology has been tailored for screw compressor applications. With variable speed there will be no unload losses as it perfectly matches air supply to demand. These benefits of the variable speed technology will ensure that you receive optimal performance when using the screw compressor.

Energy Savings with This Screw Compressor

With the CPVS PM you can expect energy savings of up to 45%, which is a massive leap from other screw compressor technology. These savings can be invested back into productivity, growth and sustainability. To find out more about how you can benefit from the CPVS PM and other Chicago Pneumatic screw compressors, give us a call today on 1300 555 284 or email us here.


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