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Time-proven reliability

Designed by our global engineering team, all key components in-house or from reputable global suppliers ensuring highest quality. High quality filters protect internal components and ensure long lifetime of the compressor. The smart graphical controller monitors and protects various parameters to ensure safe operations at all times.

High performance

The in-house produced air-end with asymmetrical profile together with the premium eeficiency IE3 motor results in more compressed air for minimum energy consumption. Seperate air/oil coolers with high cooling capacity enables the compressor to operate all year round, even on the hottest summer days.

User-friendly design

Multiple service doors enable easy access and ergonomic operation for service technicians to carry out service. The controller with a large coloured graphical display is easy to read and indicates a clear service scheldule.

Gearbox technology

Choosing the heavy duty gearbox solution offers you efficient power transmission and high reliability; lower maintenance costs; no transmission losses, nor belt tensioning. 


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