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Quality components ensures reliable technology

Separate oil and air coolers, less thermal shocks, a longer lifetime

Smooth regulation

Working pattern with lower peaks and smoother air delivery

Low energy and maintenance cost

Lower energy consumption with a return of investment of typically 1-2 years

Easy operation, always in control

Easy check thanks to service door and improved integrated central ES 4000 controller

Variable speed control – air delivery for your specific application only

Our CPVS compressors control the air delivery and produce only the amount of compressed air that you need at a specific moment. The net pressure is maintained with a help of a frequency inverter. The frequency driven compressors consume only the energy needed which is very energy and cost efficient.

Going for the CPVS screw compressor means achieving lower costs in many aspects:

  • Silent operation allows installation closer to users.
  • Small footprint means saving space, which in turn saves money.
  •  Integrated direct/gear drive transmission ensures minimal losses.  
Cindy portrait picture

Are you looking for a compressor that checks all the boxes? Cindy Bujato’s brother found the perfect CP solution and didn’t even need his sister’s help: “Life is full of surprises! I didn’t know that my brother had chosen a Chicago Pneumatic compressor for his factory but when I visited him in Florida last summer, I knew he had made a smart choice. The CPVS 40-60 is compact, cool, quiet and never misses a beat – plus the VSD technology is reducing his costs and environmental impact.”


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