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The 5 Benefits of a Piston Compressor

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Piston compressors are often found in workshops and small factories where the air-demand is not too high or continuously needed. It will just start automatically when the pressure drops below the set point and will stop again when the pressure reaches its maximum set point.

Below are 5 pros when considering a piston compressor:
1. Relatively Low Maintenance Cost
2. Ability to have high pressure and high power
3. Can be located close to point‐of‐use avoiding lengthy piping runs and pressure drops
4. Durable, efficient and affordable
5. Significant product life

CP service technician in fron t of CP compressor

If you need the air conditioner just for your shop, house (areas of discontinuous usage of air conditioners) or a small office, where your usage would not be as high as in an industrial or commercial space, then piston air compressors seem to be a great option. If you are unsure of which compressor to choose for your requirements then please reach out to CP's Tech team.