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The importance of saving energy when compressing air

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For many businesses, preserving energy and becoming more sustainable have become top priorities. That not only saves them money but also makes them more competitive in the future, when demand for “green” products and services will only increase. Not just because governments mandate greater sustainability but also because customers expect it.

CP can help prepare you for that future while making you more competitive right now. That’s because compressed air plays a major role in the drive for greater sustainability. While compressed air has many benefits, compression requires a lot of energy.

Instead of seeing that as a problem, compressed air users should see it as an opportunity for increased sustainability and significant cost savings. Because where a lot of energy is consumed, a lot of energy can be saved.

Traditionally, it has cost a lot more to run a compressor than to purchase it. Energy costs made up 70% (or even more) of the total cost of ownership – much more than the initial investment and upkeep.

However, thanks to modern, energy-saving technologies, it is now possible to greatly reduce how much energy a compressor requires and, therefore, how much you have to spend on it. 

Check out this blog post for more tips on how you can save energy and money.

How CP can help you become more sustainable

CP offers a wide range of products and services that will help you reduce your energy consumption while lowering your operating costs.

It all starts with the compressor itself. Traditional fixed-speed models would simply be switched on and then kept delivering a steady supply of compressed air – whether it was needed or not. CP offers a cost-saving and energy-preserving alternative: The CPVS.

This innovative compressor is equipped with a variable speed drive that only produces as much energy as is required at any time. That can decrease your energy use by 35% or even more. In turn, this will lower your operating costs significantly.

However, it is not just the compressor that is important but also how it is controlled and monitored. CP offers different solutions that allow you to always keep an eye on your equipment to ensure that you get the most out of it.

For example, if you are operating multiple compressors, we have our ECOntrol central controller. It makes your operation more sustainable by increasing its efficiency and reliability. This central controller sends you messages and alerts if the compressor needs your attention. In addition, maintenance scheduling and logs ensure long service lives.

Energy box

Finally, it helps you save energy by helping you detect costly leaks and other inefficiencies in your system.

But sustainability isn’t just about how your air is compressed, it’s also about what happens to the residual heat this process creates.

Do not let it go to waste. Instead, take advantage of CP’s Energy box! Our new energy recovery technology allows you to reuse 80% of the thermal energy produced during compression. For example, you can use that energy for your central heating system or for other industrial processes. 

The right partner for saving energy when compressing air

The final “ingredient” for saving energy when compressing air is not something that shows up in a product portfolio but it is one of the most important.

It is finding the right partner who has the experience and expertise to add real value to your operation. CP is that partner. We have been on the leading edge of developing efficient and sustainable compressed air products and services for many years.

Just get in touch with us and we will show you how you can benefit from our solutions. 

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