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When should I buy an oil-free compressor?

What is the difference between oil vs. oil-free compressors?

In oil injected screw compressors, there is a thin layer of oil found between the rotors to create a seal and maintain proper efficiency as the compression occurs. The unfortunate side effect of this solution is that oil may carry over to the point of use in your air system. This can be mitigated by having correct filtration in place to remove the oil contaminants in your air. Additionally, many individuals may decide to opt for a completely oil-free solution, with the use of a scroll compressor or water injected screw compressor. These types of compressors require no oil at the point of compression and therefore create no risk for oil carryover in the production of compressed air.

Do I really need an oil-free compressor?

An oil-free compressor can be an absolute necessity for many applications and industries. Contamination from compressed air produced by oil injected screw compressors is a major source of concern for the food and beverage industry especially. This contamination can mean oil, dust, water and more. These processes require compressed air to be clean, dry and free of contaminants to ensure your production is running effortlessly. The best way to get rid of these contaminants for many systems is to use an oil-free compressor and have the proper filtration and drying methods installed. Your goods need to meet demanding safety and quality inspections, and dirty air can introduce problems at almost any point in your process.

CP service technician in fron t of CP compressor
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