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We build things that last and – like you – we’re here to stay.

Your business isn’t just about hitting targets. It’s your life’s work – maybe the life’s work of several generations. It’s your passion and your legacy. We know this because we share your mindset. What matters to you matters to us. We have been a solid partner for multinationals, entrepreneurs, innovators and family businesses for over 120 years. 

CP 120 years

At Chicago Pneumatic we share a legacy of passion for performance and long-lasting partnerships. In 2021, we are proudly celebrating 120 years and we are as committed as ever to offering innovative, reliable products and service based on technology and trust. As a true trailblazer, CP embraces its responsibility to promote sustainable products and processes. As part of “Team Earth,” we are always working on the sustainability solutions of tomorrow. 

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Chicago Pneumatic is everywhere

I'm proud that the family business is using a machine produced by the company I work for.

Cindy Bujato

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