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Compressed Air in Daily Life

February 17, 2022

Compressed Air is All Around

While you read this, can you see an electronic appliance around you? Wondering how it relates to this article? We got you! Compressed air is all around, in the electronic appliances you use.

Compressed Air is a part of our everyday lives - not just those who work in industries relates to Air Compressors, but for almost all of us, in unexpected ways we didn't think were possible.

Gas compressors application

Think about your next get together with your friends and family.  If someone decides to grab a pint of beer, compressed air comes into the picture. 

Aeration is an important process in brewing, which involves adding oxygen to the yeast during fermentation. Compressed air is used to power machinery during the clarifying process. 

We become Air Compressors ourselves when blowing up balloons.

In your everyday meal:

Screw compressors are used in the sorting of rice, dal and pulses from the crop that comes straight from a farm and in removing husk and waste from the grains.

In the making of the clothes you wear:

Heavy duty air compressors are used in the textile industry in almost all applications such as spinning, dyeing nonwoven textiles, texturising and air jet weaving.

Empowering pharmaceutical industries:

Processes like capsuling and filling in demand oil-free compressed air to eliminate any risk of contamination to the product.

While on holiday at your favourite Amusement Park:

The rides at Amusement Parks use compressed air to apply brakes on roller coasters or to use animatronics, bringing the monkeys or dinosaurs to life!

Supporting lives in Hospitals:

The oxygen tanks used in hospitals contain Air Compressors to generate life-saving oxygen. The oxygen is safely driven by compressed air.

Watching a movie:

Compressed air helps to create the special effects in movies. When a hero explodes across the screen, they may have been launched with a compressed air cannon.

Going on long drives in your car:

Have you ever noticed the cast iron piston air compressor at the servo? Well, this compressor enables motorists to inflate a tire with ease. 

We may all relate to the applications of compressed air in our lives. Air compressors serve both business operators and homeowners worldwide, as the ensure users can optimise their productivity and efficiency. However, what does it take to find the right air compressor for a particular application?

Consider a product offering from a proven air compressor supplier to ensure you find the right air compressor when needed.


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