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Original Parts Digital Brochure cover image

Original Parts for your Compressor

Only Original Parts are designed specifically for your compressor, making sure it keeps running as it should


Protect your investment

Original compressor Parts ensure long service intervals and extended lifetime

High uptime and efficiency

Original Parts support the design specifications and performance of your compressor

Reduced operating cost

High uptime, energy efficiency and long lifetime means lower overall costs

Original compressor Parts

When you purchase a compressor of a trusted brand, it has original parts built in that ensure the energy efficiency, reliability and performance you expect. So when it’s time to service your compressor, why put this at risk by using parts that weren’t designed for your machine?

100% fit with your compressor

Original Parts are the only ones that truly match the original design. Not just in terms of size, but as pieces of a well-balanced system designed for optimal performance and safety.

When and where you need it

Reliability also means a dependable supply of Original Parts, thanks to our proven logistics within a worldwide organization.