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CPX 系列冷干机 CPX Refrigerated dryer

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Dryer compressed air更干燥的压缩空气

  • 高效板翅式换热器,进出口温差低至5℃ With high-efficiency plate-fin heat exchanger, the temperature difference between inlet and outlet is as low as 5 ℃
  • 高效率出水,除水份效率达99% The efficiency of oulet water is as high as 99%
  • 出口压缩空气相对湿度低至10% Relative humidity of outlet compressed air is as low as 10%


  • 较相同处理量壳管式冷干机,能耗可降低50% Compared with same-handling capacity shell-and-tube refrigerated dryer, its energy consumption is 50% lower
  • 更优化的制冷系统 Premium refrigerated system
  • 高效R134a和R410A环保无氟制冷剂 High-efficiency R134a and R410A green fluorin-free refrigerant.


  • 工业级进口三菱电机制冷压缩机 Industrial imported MITSUBISHI Electric refrigerated
  • 数字式显示器,集露点显示与故障报警于一身 The digital screen combines dew point display and breakdown alarm.
  • 优化管路设计,人工焊点仅4个 Premium pipe design decrease manual welding point to 4
  • 每台机器出厂前均进行压缩空气、氦气及制冷剂三级检漏测试 Each machine take three-stage chase test of compressed air、helium and refrigerant.
  • 电子排水阀 Electronic drain valve
  • 热气旁通阀可保证低负载情况下性能可靠 The hot-air bypass valve make sure reliable performance in low load situation