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CPMV PM 15-100 HP 系列永磁变频空压机 CPMV PM 15-100 HP permanent-magnet variable speed compressor

• 电机功率:11kW~75kW Motor capacity:11kW~75kW

• 容积流量:1.7 m³/min~12.8 m³/min@8bar Volumn flow: 1.7 m³/min~12.8 m³/min@8bar

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高效节能降耗 Energy-efficient

  • 全新高效主机和进气阀设计,运行稳定耐久更低压降,更高能效 Newly designed motor and inlet valve. More stable , lower pressure, higher efficiency
  • 高效变频器,精准控制气量,显著降低能 耗 High -efficiency frequency converter control air flow precisely and lower energy-consumption apparently

完美匹配的变频器 Perfectly matched frequency converter

  • 闭环控制系统,变频控制器直接控制电机 Closed-loop system: frequency controller control motor directly
  • 启动、运行更稳定,有效节能 Start, run more reliably and energy-efficient

自主设计的主机 Self-designed motor

  • 全新高效主机 Newly efficient motor
  • 运行稳定,更高能效 Run stably and efficient

七寸全触屏控制器 7-inches full touch screen

  • 实时监控设备运行状态 Monitor equipment run in real time
  • 提供多重保护和预警 Provide multiple protecting and alarm
  • 可配合客户实现中央控制 Realize center-control with customers

高可靠性驱动系统 Reliable driving system

  • 高效永磁同步电机,1:1直联驱动 Energy Efficient Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor, 1:1 motor
  • 防护等级IP55,电机效率1级能效 Protection at IP55 level, electric efficiency at 1st level