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Parts & Service

With the right compressor parts and regular service by a knowledgeable service technician, you can ensure a longer lifetime for your air compressor while keeping costs down. With Chicago Pneumatic, you have access to regular maintenance and genuine compressor parts through our expert distribution network no matter what part of the globe you are running your production from.

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CP Parts and Services

Original Parts and Services for compressors

A long compressor lifetime, built on reliability and cost-saving? Regular service at the right time by knowledgeable people and the right parts.

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Global service

Unrivalled expertise in air compression and availability of spare parts in all corners of the world

Original compressor parts

Parts designed, made and qualified by your compressor manufacturer. Installed by factory-trained experts

Save costs

Avoid premature wear, damage or even breakdowns while keeping your energy costs down

Keep Your Air Compressor Running with Regular Service and Genuine Parts

To extend the life of your Chicago Pneumatic compressor and to keep maintenance costs down, make sure you are always using genuine Chicago Pneumatic parts. All of the compressor parts available have been designed, manufactured and qualified by us to ensure your air compressor outputs at its’ maximum performance. 

Air Compressor Parts and Service Options Available to You

To avoid premature wear, damage or potential breakdown, keep your maintenance regular and spare parts genuine. We offer a full range of parts and service options that will help you keep your energy costs down and your compressor up and running.