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CPM 5-40HP系列螺杆式空压机 CPM 5-40HP screw compressor

• 电机功率:4kW~30kW Motor capacity: 4kW~30kW

• 容积流量:0.56 m³/min~5.10 m³/min@8bar Volume flow:0.56 m³/min~5.10 m³/min@8bar

如有需求,请联系我们 Contact us

自主设计的主机 Self-designed motor

  • 专利的螺杆式型线 Patented screwed-type line
  • 更低的压降和更高的能效 Lower pressure and higher efficiency
  • 更高稳定性和耐久性 Higher stability and endurance

高效冷却系统 High performance cooling system

  • 超大尺寸的冷却器及高效的散热系统 Large-scale coolers and high-performance radiator
  • 满足您的各种工况需求 Meet any needs of your work

重负荷进气过滤器 Heavy duty intake filter

  • 压力损失小,有效降低噪音 Little pressure loss. Lower noise effectively.
  • 3μ除尘效率高达99.9% 3μ dust removing rate is as high as 99.9%
  • 保证主机稳定无故障运行 Ensure the motor to run stablility without failure

智能控制器 Intelligent controller

  • 中文显示,操作简单 Display Chinese and easy to operate
  • 多种智能控制模式,效率更高 Multiple intelligent control mode higher the efficiency
  • 实时监控设备运行状态 Real time monitoring running status of equipment

简易快速的维修保养 Convenient and easy maintenance

  • 保养简易,快速高效 Easy to maintain, high-efficient
  • 皮带、过滤器和润滑油的维护保养便利 Maintenance of belt, filter and lubricant is convenient