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CPN 5-100HP系列螺杆式空压机 CPN 5-100HP screwed compressor

• 电机功率:4kW~75kW Motor capacity: 4kW~75kW

• 容积流量:0.53 m³/min~12.00 m³/min@8bar Volumne flow:0.53 m³/min~12.00 m³/min@8bar

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全球化设计方案 Global design

  • 外观美观大方 Beautiful and generous appearance
  • 人性化设计理念 Humanized design concept

自主设计的主机 Self-designed motor

  • 专利的螺杆式型线 Patented screwed-type line
  • 更低的压降和更高的能效 Lower pressure and higher efficiency
  • 更高稳定性和耐久性 Higher stability and endurance

可靠的冷却系统 Reliable cooling system

  • 静音高效的冷却设计 Silent and efficient cooling design
  • 独立的冷却风机确保了稳定的冷却风流量 Individual cooling fans ensure stable cooling wind flow

简易快速的维修保养 Easy and quick maintenance

  • 保养简易,快速高效 Easy to maintain, high-efficient
  • 皮带、过滤器和润滑油的维护保养便利 Maintenance of belt, filter and lubricant is convenient

智能控制器 Intelligent controller

  • 中文显示,操作简单 Display Chinese and easy to operate
  • 多种智能控制模式,效率更高 Multiple intelligent control mode higher the efficiency
  • 实时监控设备运行状态 Real time monitoring running status of equipment

模块化铸件 Modular casting

  • 专利的模块化一体设计 Patented modular design
  • 降低压降损失,减少泄漏点 Lower the loss of pressure and decrease leaking points
  • 运行高效可靠Running highly efficiently