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Machines in a CNC machine shop

Industry Application: CNC Machine Shops

CNC machine shops require reliable, heavy-duty air compressors for efficiency. Chicago Pneumatic has air treatment solutions to meet your air requirements.


Air Compressors for CNC Machines

The CNC machine shop industry incorporates air compressors to operate machinery like grinders, drills, routers, mills and lathes. They require the right CNC air compressor sizes and air requirements to perform. 

Compressed air keeps cutting tools clean of contaminants like dust, oil and other particles that could impact the tools' performance. They also help maintain smooth and clean machine surfaces.

Learn air compressor sizes and air requirements and how you can select the best air dryer for your CNC machine shop below.

Air Compressor Sizes for CNC Machines

The air compressor size you need for CNC machines depends on the type of machine and the compressor's capacity for holding the relevant air pressure volumes. Find the ratio of the highest air pressure you'll require and your pneumatic tools' air delivery demands. 

You'll need to know measurements such as pounds per square inch (PSI) for air pressure and cubic feet per minute (CFM) for air volume. A suitable air compressor should exceed this air pressure versus air delivery demand ratio.

Our compressors range in size depending on the application and series:

  • Piston compressors: Our piston compressors include the impressive Industrial Series cast-iron compressors, including two-stage electric Simplex and Duplex models with between 5 and 20 horsepower.

  • Rotary-screw compressors: Rotary screw air compressors allow variable and fixed speed options to delegate airflow requirements based on necessity. Different machine shop air compressor sizes dictate the airflow based on their horsepower, ranging between 10 and 250. While some machines may benefit from consistent airflow, others only need bursts of air at intervals. 

  • Oil-free air compressors: The units effectively provide the best and cleanest air for reduced risk of contamination. They ensure no particles or contaminants affect the CNC machinery manufacturing process to avoid tainting the production line. 

CNC Machine Air Requirements

CNC machines have specific air requirements to meet. The compressed air must be as dry as possible when it comes into contact with metal surfaces, as moisture-laden air can condense and erode these surfaces. The best air dryers ensure only pure, clean air is produced and used for CNC machines.

Selecting the Best Air Dryer for CNC Machine Shops

Our air dryers meet the requirements needed to remove condensation in atmospheric air while reaching a suitable dewpoint of up to 45 degrees Fahrenheit. Our COOL series refrigerated dryers match this criteria perfectly to deliver the solution to your needs. They are lightweight, quick to install and low maintenance to reduce service costs.

Try Chicago Pneumatic's Air Solutions for Your CNC Machine Shop

If you're faced with the risk of pollutants contaminating your CNC machinery, our air treatment range is the solution. We provide a range of air dryers, filters and separators to address and resolve various air-related issues. They work alongside our air compressors to get the job done.

Trust Chicago Pneumatic to deliver. Contact us today for more information on how we can serve you.