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Chicago Pneumatic Air Compressors: Applications and Industry Uses

Chicago Pneumatic air compressors are used in various industries and their relevant applications. Whatever your need is, our compressors will meet it.

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Using Compressors in Multiple Applications

Air compressors are beneficial in consumer, commercial and industrial applications. They're used in many applications we're often unaware of or take for granted, like in gas stations when we need our tires pumped up or in the HVAC systems in our homes and offices. 

The air compressor's type determines how it will be used. For example, small, single-stage compressors are ideal for home use like inflating tires or pressure washing, while large, two-stage piston or screw compressors are better suited for small to medium-sized businesses. Auto shops generally use these models for spray painting cars, greasing components, powering lifts and assembling and disassembling parts. 

Some other examples of applications for compressors include:

Many industries share common compressor applications, like using them to provide compressed air to power tools. Pneumatic powering helps lower energy costs and ensures the same efficient operation as electric tools.


How Do Certain Industries Use Compressed Air?

Businesses in numerous sectors use specific compressor types to fit their needs. For example, by applying variable speed compressors in multiple applications, users can control how much air they need by adjusting the airflow. While the air pressure remains constant, the speed at which it is supplied varies. In contrast, a fixed speed compressor remains at a constant speed and provides the same amount of pressure while in use.

Variable speed compressors fall under the category of rotary screw compressors and are used for numerous industry applications. These are summarized below, along with the other air compressor types we provide.

Screw Compressors: Common Uses

Often used in manufacturing plants and mining sites, rotary screw air compressors supply large volumes of compressed air compared to piston air compressors. These larger air compressors are well-suited for industrial use, such as semiconductor manufacturing and food packaging plants.

Piston Air Compressors: Common Uses

Piston air compressors are commonly used in small to medium-sized businesses like auto shops. They efficiently provide air for spray guns and power pneumatic tools and blasting equipment. These machines also supply gas in pipelines and refrigerators.

Oil-Free Compressors: Common Uses

Some industry applications require clean, pure air. The pharmaceutical, medical, and food and beverage sectors use oil-free compressors to ensure their equipment and products are not contaminated during production processes. Even small traces of pollutants can pose a risk, so they use these units to ensure clean compressed air.

Chicago Pneumatic Is Your Solution for Air Compressors

Chicago Pneumatic has air compressors for any industry application. Reach out to us today to provide more information about your requirements, and we can help you find the right unit.