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Compressed Air Treatment

Compressed air treatment is an important component you'd want to include in your operations, whether you manage a manufacturing plant, brewery or any other industrial manufacturing. Trust Chicago Pneumatic to cater to all your compressed air needs, no matter your industry.

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Compressed air consists of our ambient air, compressed with the purpose of powering various pneumatic tools. When this happens for powering purposes, we compress the impurities as well. Upon release and without the use of compressed air treatment solutions and line filters, contaminants may be released into the atmosphere, causing air pollution. Protect your systems and protect the environment. Click to Read More:

Air treatment solutions

We offer the latest within air treatment for compressed air systems. Read more about our products or contact your local expert

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The Latest in Compressed Air Treatment Solutions

For sustainable-conscious solutions that offer productivity and seamless integration, Chicago Pneumatic assists in cleaner air compression solutions for optimized working environments that are kind to the planet. Elevate working stations, increase productivity and decrease downtime with advanced compressed air treatment systems engineered for modern manufacturing:

  • Refrigerated dryers: Refrigerated dryers remove excess moisture, preventing rust and equipment damage. We have dryer sizing options that fit your needs.
  • Air compressor line filters: An air compressor line filter plays a vital role in the health and longevity of your air compression system, cleaning incoming air and removing potentially harmful particles, excess moisture and various contaminants.
  • Condensate Management: Oil-water separators and condensate drains both help protect the environment, and make sure your compressed air system is draining and running efficiently.

Here at Chicago Pneumatic, we offer the latest within-air treatment for compressed air systems. We have air treatment solutions available across the United States to ensure your company has access to the latest in air treatment for compressed air systems. Our air treatment solutions include refrigerated dryers, line filters and air receivers.

Chicago Pneumatic Refrigerant Dryer CPX 60

Robust Air Treatment Solutions

Our air treatment solutions offer durability as they are made from top-quality components to create industry-leading technology. With dedicated air treatment products for your compressed air systems, you can ensure security within your production. Our air treatment product range is easy to operate and maintain, as the components of the machines can be accessed effortlessly.

Air Treatment Solutions for All Industries

We have air treatment solutions for all businesses, so count on us for your next air treatment purchase. Effective air treatment reduces costs, prevents tool degeneration and discourages the accumulation of dangerous substances in your drain water. With distributors all across the United States, get your next air treatment solution with us and continue your compressed air production with the peace of mind that you're protected.

Give us a call today on 877-861-2722 or email us here to find out more about our air treatment solutions.


Using top quality technology and components, our air treatment products offer reliable solutions. Reliability from us, provide security for you

Easy to operate

With easy access to critical components, our products offer easy to operate, easy to maintain solutions for all businesses

Peace of mind

With our air treatment products, we enhance peace of mind regarding your compressed air system. Air treatments reduce costs, prevent tool degeneration and stop dangerous substances from accumulating in your drain water.

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We offer the latest within-air treatment for compressed air systems. Our aim is to exceed industry standards with state-of-the-art air compressor line filters, refrigerated dryers and air receiver tanks.

Our services provide dynamic, modern options for cleaner air compression systems built for sustainability. Get efficient and high-quality solutions that bring peace of mind so you have time to focus on your production output. Contact us online to request a quote.