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CP Finance

Transform Your Business with the Power of Financing

Think financing is just another way to pay for your Chicago Pneumatic solution? Join businesses across the country and tap into the real power of financing with CP Finance Powered by LEAF.

CP Finance is the easy, affordable way to get the compressed air and air treatment equipment your business needs to stay agile, competitive and profitable.

For more information, please contact:  Penny Wamsley |  866.505.2795   |  [email protected]

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100% Financing

CP Finance enables you to finance 100% of the equipment cost. You can also include other costs such as taxes, delivery and installation charges.

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No Drain on Cash

Financing equipment frees up working capital for other critical needs so you won't need to tie up precious cash.

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Upgrade Equipment

Financing allows you to upgrade your equipment and software when new technology becomes available, not when it becomes obsolete.

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Preserve Credit Lines

Our financing has no effect on existing credit lines, so they remain ready whenever you need them.

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Exceptional Payment Flexibility

Financing can be tailored to the specific financial needs of your business. Payments can be structured to meet cash flow fluctuations and there are many end-of-term options to choose from. Other forms of financing are much more rigid.