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The Total Solution: Air Compressor Dryer, Filter and Tank in One

If you own, run or manage a winery, brewery, food packaging factory or any manufacturing plant, you understand the need for effective, streamlined air compression solutions. They assist in productivity and offer essential power for various applications, increasing plant efficiency. An air compressor with a dryer, an air receiver tank and filters take this one step further.

Refrigerated air dryers, receiver tanks and filters help reduce costs and downtime while providing enhanced solutions that streamline your workflow for maximum productivity. You get one solution in a turnkey package that offers durability, efficiency and affordability in the long term. The Total Solution optimizes your workspace with innovative solutions so you can focus on doing more.

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What Is a Total Solution for Compressed Air?

A total solution for compressed air includes all the elements you need for air compression, including an air compressor with a dryer, filter and air receiver tank. All the Total Solution package components work together to keep your air compression system working optimally and safely. The air compressor, refrigerated dryer, air filters and receiver tank come to your plant as one integrated system. You get a cost-effective solution that increases production and optimizes space.

You know you need an air compressor, great! However, did you know that most companies (90% actually) require more than just an air compressor? That is where a total solution comes in handy. It's everything needed, all placed in one machine. The Total Solution is not only Plug & Play but also saves money on floor space, installations and pressure drops while reducing the risk of air leakages in the line. With 70% fewer connects, the smart integration eliminates leaks and pressure drops, maximizing reliability.

Total Solution CP

What's a Total Solution Look Like?

Are Line Filters Necessary for Air Compressors?

Line filters are almost always recommended to clean the incoming air and remove any impurities, foreign particulates, oil carryover and remaining moisture. These filters can prevent equipment damage and contamination of the end product. Filters are essential to keeping your system working optimally with high-quality output. An integrated system like our Total Solution provides seamless functionality so you can focus on productivity and turnover.

The Importance of Refrigerated Air Dryers

As air compressors produce a lot of water, air dryers help to remove excess moisture and condensation, protecting your system from potential rust and any moisture damage. Compressed air dryers are essentially filter systems that are specially manufactured to remove the water that is inherent in compressed air. The method of compressing air increases its temperature and condenses atmospheric contaminants, primarily water vapor.

A Total Solution for Air Compressor Systems

Chicago Pneumatic's Total Solution consists of a compressor, a refrigerant dryer, a tank and two filters. Integrating the tanks, air compressor dryer and filters eliminates leaks and pressure losses, which increases the efficiency and performance of your business. The quiet function lets you install the system closer to the point of use, lessening costs and assuring an improved and secure work setting. The package is simple to install and can be placed against a wall or even in a corner, saving a lot of space inside the workshop.

Ease of Maintenance

All the consumables are strategically located in the compressor with an easy access from the front panel to facilitate and Save Money on maintenance. All service points are easily reachable, making the servicing and cleaning very simple, a one person job. The oil-level sight glass is at the front of the compressor, visible without removing any panel. Service warnings through electronic controller.

Want to Save Money?

Looking to save space and installation costs? By opting for a Total Solution, you have just one expense of the compressor package versus buying each of the accessories separately. This saves you money and space, as all the accessories are included inside the actual machine. The Chicago Pneumatic Rotary Screws full-feature units offer a cyclical refrigerated air dryer and an accompanying stainless steel heat exchanger, an incorporated compressor with efficient dryer management controls for a streamlined process. They also feature a panel-mounted condensation point indicator, double filter (both pre and after) mounted and piped, single-point condensate drain approach with electric drain (115-volt) and highly optimized moisture division.

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