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Industry Application: Auto Shops

Automotive Air Compressors

The automotive industry is one of the largest sectors that uses and benefits from air compressors. Auto shops of all sizes use them in various applications, although their main functions are vehicle spraying and tire inflation. Discover their uses and advantages in auto shops and how auto mechanics employ them to deliver services.

Air Compressors for Auto Mechanics

Depending on the daily job output volume, auto shops use different air compressors accordingly. Smaller shops have different requirements than larger ones, so their air compressor needs vary. Common suitable equipment for these individual entities includes:

Piston Compressors

Industrial compressors like piston or reciprocating models are commonly used in small and mid-sized auto shops because they can satisfy low-air-requirement applications. They are only used intermittently for individual jobs.

The positive-displacement unit has crankshaft-driven pistons that produce high-powered air to power pneumatic tools, paint guns and blasting gear.

Screw Compressors

Less commonly used in auto shops, screw compressors are still a viable option depending on your requirements. They vary in size based on whether they include base or tank mounts and come with or without an integrated dryer. Their kilowatt (kW) output and speed options determine their performance requirements for certain jobs.

Fixed and variable speed options impact the airflow and determine whether you receive constant compressed air or air that's adjusted to the speed.

  • Variable speed air compressor: When you don't require air consistently, this option may be better. It provides the right amount of air to control your energy consumption on a needs basis.

  • Fixed speed air compressor: If you constantly need airflow, the fixed speed drive screw compressor is ideal. These models may be less energy efficient but are highly effective in performance delivery by running at the same speed regardless of the compressed air demand. 

Air Compressor Auto Shop Uses

Auto shops use air compressors daily. Their main applications include:

  • Lubrication: Grease guns requiring lubrication are pneumatically powered by air compressors.
  • Assembly: Pneumatic tools easily assemble and disassemble car parts, and air compressors provide the means to power them. 
  • Spray painting: An air compressor for automotive painting blasts high-pressure air through a spray gun. It offers efficient performance to ensure flawless vehicle paint application.
  • Lifts: Auto shops need vehicle lifts for technicians to get under cars, so this equipment must stay in good condition. Air compressors support the lift's suspension for optimal functioning.

Why You Should Invest in a Chicago Pneumatic Air Compressor

Chicago Pneumatic offers you the choice of screw, piston and oil-free compressors to suit your specific needs. Your equipment must be compliant and dependable to perform optimally daily and deliver the best results for each job. 

Our air compressors provide the necessary support to power your tools and apparatuses. In particular, investing in any of our Professional Series piston compressors pays off because we offer after-sales service and maintenance packages for improved reliability and cost-effectiveness. We also stock original parts to keep these units pristine for an extended service life. 

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