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Professional Series: Industrial Reciprocating Air Compressors

The professional Piston series provides durable, high-performance compressed air. Easy to maintain & varies to match your air requirements.

The world of Automotive & Piston Compressors

Screwing: From tire changing to motor parts, there are lots of elements to be screwed and bolted together in an automotive shop. With many air-powered tools, technicians can quickly go from disassembling and assembling vehicle parts, so vehicles can be in and out with ease.

Lifting: As you know, shops require a lot of lifting to allow technicians to get under the vehicles. From the assembly of vehicles to the routine oil change, lifts are in constant use.

Painting: An air compressor is what powers a spray gun, making it an essential tool for any body shop. A power paint sprayer, which provide streak–free, blotch–free coats for an overall smoothness could never be accomplished with spray cans or rollers.

Greasing: Air-powered greasers apply lubricants on a variety of car parts, some of which are difficult to reach or too hot to handle.

Learn How to Size Your Piston Compressor