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Food and Beverage Industry Applications

The food and beverage industry is vast and has numerous applications. Food processing specifically involves converting fresh, raw ingredients into partially complete or ready-to-eat meals and beverages. 

Throughout the food processing production chain, there's always a risk of food being contaminated by instruments, tools and equipment containing pollutants like oil, dust and dirt. Air compressors are crucial in minimizing this risk. 

Learn more about our oil-free air compressor solutions, food-grade compressed air standards and FDA compressed air requirements for the food and beverage industry.

Oil-Free Air Solutions for the Food and Beverage Industry

The lack of oil in oil-free air compressors ensures the food product avoids contact with oil and other pollutants that lead to spoilage. Our air compressors for food processing provide numerous benefits, including:

  • Clean, pure air that maintains high purification standards.

  • Adherence to FDA and other regulatory body standards.

  • An improved bottom line due to product satisfaction and increased sales from reduced waste and spoilage.

Choose between our SPR 2-8 and SPR 10-30 oil-free air compressor models that deliver the best in oil-free air solutions.

Food Grade Compressed Air Standards

Food and beverage facilities that use compressed air must meet specific standards. With quality management measures set in place by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), the ideal is to achieve compressed air purity of Class Zero, which we have proudly attained. The ISO 8573-1 standard includes particles, water and oil contaminants. 

Under ISO 8573-1:2010 [A:B:C], each contaminant type is categorized by an alphabetical purity class, represented as follows:

  • A: Hard particles

  • B: Water

  • C: Liquid oil, aerosols and vapor

Our oil-free air compressors deliver high-quality, pure compressed air to meet the stringent food-grade requirements of this industry. They also reduce costs for various food and beverage industry applications through efficient operation.

FDA Compressed Air Requirements

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) protects public health by ensuring food and beverage businesses adhere to their strict regulatory requirements. With this, they have their own compressed air requirements to prevent foodborne diseases due to contamination. 

Following the FDA Food Code, the Safe Quality Food (SQF) program created the following clauses regarding compressed air under section 11.5.5 in the 9th edition of the SQF “Food Safety Code: Food Manufacturing” document:

  • Clause This states that compressed air like nitrogen or carbon dioxide must be clean and not pose a risk to any food it makes contact with.

  • Clause The clause declares that compressed air dispensers exposed to food must be inspected annually on a risk basis for adherence to food safety compliance.

Buy Oil-Free Air Compressors for Various Food and Beverage Industry Applications

Businesses in the food and beverage industry benefit from our reliable oil-free compressors. Our models are compact, easy to maintain, quiet and energy-efficient. Choose between our 2-8 or 10-30 horsepower units for your operations, and order your oil-free air compressor today.