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Co-Op Marketing Funds for Distributors

Introducing Chicago Pneumatic's Cooperative Advertising Program


Your business is only as successful as its marketing plan. Co-op partnerships between a manufacturer and a retailer often include an agreement to share local advertising costs in exchange for brand-specific mentions. These programs support mutual growth and leverage advertising budgets by offering financial and marketing support.

How to Get Started using Co-Op:

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What does Chicago Pneumatic Offer?

Our distributors are invited to participate in our Cooperative Advertising Program. Now, when you advertise our products, CP will cover part of your costs. The total yearly allowance is based on your invoiced equipment sales from last year at the following rates: • 0.75% for the first $150,000 • 0.50% for any sales greater than $150,000
Minimum Claim:The minimum co-op claim is $250 per entry. Please do not submit a claim for anything under this amount. As always, you can only claim up to 50% of any one invoice (so to claim $250, the invoice value would need to be $500). Does CP pay the invoice: No, you would pay the invoice and CP would issue you a credit for 50% (or whatever amount of funds you have available) of the expense. When will I get credited on my account: We issue credits at the beginning of each month. What qualifies for reimbursement: Ads, PPC, email, shirts, POS, tradeshows. We are open to hearing ideas you have to promote your business and CP. We will gladly help with ideas also. Why do I need a pre-approval? A pre-approval ensures you know the claim for reimbursement will be approved. Just allows us to ensure you are using our logo correctly and CP images are crisp. Also, that we are the only brand featured in your marketing for reimbursement. How do I submit the claim? Simply email [email protected] with a paid invoice and ad/marketing support of what you guys did.

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