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How to Clean Your Coils?

Your Air Dryer is dirty, now let's clean it!

The air dryer is often the most ignored unit in the compressed air system. A dirty condenser will cause water in the lines, or worse it will cause complete dryer failure.

One of the leading reasons for dryer failure is un-cleaned condenser coils.

On the air dryer, a dirty cooler can also cause a couple of things to happen if not cleaned regularly. The dryer will run hot and potentially shutdown on high temperatures. If left unresolved, you can have varnishing of the lubricant, bearing failure or worse, a fire.

Don't Blow it with Compressed Air

Chicago Pneumatic Refrigerant Dryer CPX 60
As you know, we are always a fan of using compressed air. However, when cleaning the inside of your dryer avoid the air. This only moves the dust which will end up back in the condenser when the fan comes on. We suggest vacuuming the condenser. Your dryer will always need to be maintained by cleaning. It's unavoidable, no matter how clean your environment is.

When to Clean your Dryer?

The condenser coil should be cleaned a minimum of once a month or depending on the environment more often to prevent dryer troubles. Also, cleaning the dryer and compressor cooler should be completed during your regular maintenance.

Be careful not to bend the fins & check the drain traps

Remember, dust and dirt that accumulate on the condenser coil of an air-cooled refrigerated dryer will hamper the dryer’s ability to produce a steady outlet dew point, and eventually to perform at all. For more information about how to maintain your dryer, please reach out to us directly at the information below.

Jim Phillis

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Jim Phillis , Technical Support Chicago Pneumatic

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