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How to know when to fix your compressor vs. get a new one?

Understanding Your Options

If your daily business operations depend heavily on having compressed air, this question is extremely important. Should you repair your broken compressor or get a new one?

Let’s talk:

The biggest consideration that comes to mind is cost; the immediate cost vs. the long-term sunk cost of repairing. Besides paying for the new machine or the expense to repair, make sure you take into consideration the energy efficiency of your air compressor. Newer machines usually offer more efficiency, which will help lower your electricity bills.

When to Repair your Air Compressor:

Everyone fears repairing your compressor and then having another issue arise a week later. Here are a few situations in which your best choice may be to repair your compressor. • The compressor is routinely reliable and the repair is not symptomatic of a larger problem • The compressor is still covered by the factory warranty • The compressor is fairly new with minimal operation hours logged • The compressor can be repaired in a timely manner with easily accessible parts

When to Replace your Air Compressor:

• The compressor is an old machine with obsolete parts or difficult to access parts • The compressor is down and not energy efficient. The payoff of saving energy would make up for the cost of a new compressor • When the compressor repairs outweigh 50% or more of the cost of a replacement unit • Your old compressor may be too small for your company’s current needs, so replacing it with a larger unit could be an ideal opportunity

Unsure on what to do next?

Still not sure if you should repair or replace your air compressor? Chicago Pneumatic tech support is here to help guide you on making that hard decision or troubleshoot.

For tech support for any Chicago Pneumatic product, please call us at (877)861-2722, opt 1. Or email us at [email protected] . We look forward to helping.

Jim Phillis

You ask, we answer. Visit our Expert Corner for every #CPTechThursday to find answers to common industry questions and highlights of CP's high-quality compressors. We love providing our customers with answers to their technical questions.

Jim Phillis , Technical Support Chicago Pneumatic

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