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Use of Compressors in the Food Industry

Compressors for food packaging are specifically designed to provide clean air for storing, processing and packaging edible goods. These machines are manufactured to stringent industry standards for safe handling. Air compressors have many use cases in the food industry to make processes more efficient and hygienic.

Why Are Air Compressors Used for Food Packaging?

This industry uses food air compressors because they can help businesses comply with standards for consumer health. The food industry requires compressed air to meet strict standards for safety and cleanliness. Since the products are consumed, companies must be confident their compressed air systems are contamination-free. Air compressors have little to no contact with food, reducing the likelihood of a product recall.

Compressed air must be free of contaminants such as water vapor, spores, moisture, vapors and aerosols. Contaminants are a concern for the food industry since they can encourage the growth of microorganisms and fungi on equipment, containers or food products.

Types of Food Air Compressors

Air compressors are categorized into three categories based on their contact with food:

  1. Contact: Contact air compressors touch food items, typically to prepare them for further processing. Manufacturers must implement cleanliness processes to prevent contamination.

  2. Non-contact high risk: These compressed air systems come into indirect, not direct, contact with food. The air does not touch the food, but it touches other materials that will contact food later in the production process.

  3. Non-contact low risk: Air compressors that do not have direct or indirect contact with food are considered non-contact low risk. Examples include air compressors that clean non-food machinery.

How to Use Food-Grade Air Compressors in Your Food Packaging Operations

How to Use Food-Grade Air Compressors in Your Food Packaging Operations

Air compressors are the recommended solution for the food packaging industry. Food-safe air compressors can support these tasks:

  • Air cleaning
  • Air knives
  • Aligning
  • Blow off
  • Canning
  • Container cleaning
  • Conveying
  • Dehydrating
  • Dispensing drinks
  • Drying
  • Filling food
  • Freezing
  • Generating nitrogen
  • Mixing foods
  • Molding containers
  • Moving materials
  • Packaging
  • Pumping fluid
  • Sanitizing machinery
  • Shaping, cutting and sorting foods
  • Sorting products
  • Spot cooling
  • Vacuum sealing

At Chicago Pneumatic, we have several types of air compressors for food packaging, including oil-free air compressors and rotary screw air compressors. Our models provide consistent service and clean air for your applications, with low maintenance costs and ease of use to deliver results quickly.

Learn About Compressors for Food Packaging at Chicago Pneumatic

Chicago Pneumatic is a global manufacturer of high-performance air compressors for the food industry and beyond. We understand the food packaging industry's requirements and offer several air compression solutions for your production processes.

Get a quote for a food air compressor by contacting your dealer. For more information about how our air compression systems support hygienics in the food industry, get in touch with our experts.