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How often do I have to service my compressor?

You understand the importance of servicing and performing maintenance on your car, why wouldn’t you do the same for your air compressor? Servicing your compressor is important to help avoid downtime and having decreased productivity for preventable reasons.

Below are few tips to keep your compressor running in tip-top shape:

Replace Filters: between 1000 to 2000 hours, this should be the air, oil and panel (if applicable) filters. Replace your oil: Regardless of usage, oil degrades over time and needs to be replaced. Degraded oil CAN cause catastrophic air end failure, which is a very costly repair, much cheaper to just change the oil at least annually (refer to your manual for the exact time). Purchasing oil: Purchasing CP oil for your CP machine guarantees your machine is running at it’s best performance and increases the longevity of your air needs. Other Checklist Items: - Check condensate drains are functioning properly - Check drain valves and/or switching valves - Clean and inspect your machine

Here's an example of the QRS maintenance schedule outlined in the manual

Depending on how often you run your compressor will help you understand how often you need to service your machine. If you’re running your compressor occasionally, then annual service would be adequate. If you are running continuously, then quarterly service may be needed to ensure you are staying ahead of avoidable issues. Remember, your manual outlines the recommended service and maintenance schedule to keep your air compressor running at optimal efficiency.

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