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Improving Energy Efficiency With Variable Speed Air Compressor Units

A variable frequency drive compressor controls the frequency supplied to the air compressor by “variating” its output to meet the demand. For low-demand applications, the motor runs at a reduced speed. For higher demand, the variable speed drive increases its speed to keep pace.

Variable speed air compressor units offer several advantages for manufacturers, including:


Cost Savings

Using variable speed drives for your processes can lead to significant cost savings for your business every year on energy bills. Since the variable speed uses only the power required for the task, the tool wastes no energy and requires less electricity. These units are cost-effective for your operations, especially if your compressed air needs vary significantly.

Energy Efficiency

The variable speed operation technique makes these units the most energy-efficient air compressor. The driver draws only the energy required to compress air to meet the system's demand in real time. When running at a lower speed, the variable drive compressor uses less energy, delivering energy savings for your facility. Variable drives also operate on tight tolerances to provide consistent air discharge.

Quiet Operation

Compared to a fixed speed compressor, a variable speed compressor is quieter to operate. Since this new air compressor technology needs less air, the compressor can run at lower speeds, which produces less noise. If your facility has several processes running simultaneously, the reduced noise makes the work environment more comfortable and safer for your team.

Environmental Sustainability

Variable speed air compressors can help your company achieve its sustainability goals. Since the power output of these air compressors matches the demand, these units reduce the load on the power grid. The lower energy consumption reduces your company's carbon footprint. The grid is also less likely to get overloaded or see a sudden spike in demand.

Extended Life Span

The air compressor efficiency of the variable speed drive lends to system longevity. Optimizing the motor speed for the compressor performance reduces stress on the air compressor's electrical and mechanical components, prolonging the system's life span.

Variable drives also support a low-maintenance environment. When components experience less wear and tear, your team will not need to implement downtime for maintenance as often.

Get a Variable Speed Drive Compressor From Chicago Pneumatic

Chicago Pneumatic delivers variable speed drive rotary screw compressors that provide energy efficiency, reliability and minimal maintenance for any application. Our machines are engineered for performance and lasting value.

Find your local Chicago Pneumatic dealer to request a quote for our variable speed compressors, or contact an expert to learn more.