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What are the Advantages of Having a Controller on my Air Compressor?

Air compressors are used in many different applications and provide essential compressed air to many businesses and individuals with different air needs. No matter what your CFM, PSI and HP requirements are, the electronic controller on your air compressor is the motherboard for keeping your unit running as efficiently as possible. It is your eyes into your machine.

How can I use the controller to help my business run more efficiently and effectively?

To maximize the performance of your air compressor, it is important to use the electronic controller to your advantage. The controller can/will assist you in the following tasks:

  • Set programmable pressure limits (PSI)
  • The controller will automatically shut down the unit when needed to conserve energy and will restart automatically when pressure decreases.
  • A controller allows you to predetermine loading and unloading times.  This will keep the unit running when needed to reduce the number of motor starts and prevent short stand still periods.
  • Helps protect the compressor by identifying situations if your compressor shuts down.
  • Keeps track of loaded and unloaded compressor hours to alert the user when regular service and maintenance is due.
  • Allows the capability of remote starting and shutting down of the compressor.
  • If your controller has the ARAVF option, this will restart the compressor after any type of voltage failure or power outage.

What is an electronic controller on a Chicago Pneumatic air compressor?

All Chicago Pneumatic rotary screw air compressors over 10HP have some type of electronic controller.  These controllers are electronically controlled units programmed for energy saving operations, loaded/unloaded hour tracking, maintenance alerts, and dozens of other features. Our compressors feature the ES4000 Basic, Standard and Advanced, all with a varying range of features. The Airlogic controller is found on several of our larger HP machines. Any units under 10HP (including our QRSM 10) will operate under electro-pneumatic control with a pressure switch.

ES4000 Advanced Controller Tri-Pic

ES4000 Advanced Controller

To learn more about the different controller and air compressor models that Chicago Pneumatic offers, please visit:   

CP service technician in fron t of CP compressor
Whether you have questions about which compressor is right for you, or if you’re ready to improve your operations and start saving on expenses. Chicago Pneumatic has been around for over 100 years because we offer reliable and hardworking air compressors, as well as expert advice and support.

You ask, we listen. Please join us every Thursday with #CPTechThursday posting common questions you would like answered. Our passion are our machines and helping our customers. Reach out anytime.

Steve Shrum , Technical Support Manager for Chicago Pneumatic

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