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What's the Difference Between Preventative and Predictive Maintenance?

The in's and out of maintaining your compressor

What is preventative maintenance?  The notion of preventative maintenance, also known as planned maintenance, is by regularly maintaining your air compressor in hopes of preventing equipment failure. This is the same idea as taking your vehicle in for regular oil changes and tune-ups to preempt a total breakdown.

Preventative maintenance schedules are typically outlined in the owner’s manual based on hours machine has ran.  Most air compressors offer meters or event triggers (such as the ES4000 basic controller) to help aid in knowing when service is needed.  The preventative maintenance plans are based on the assumption that a machine's components will degrade within a given period of time. The relevant preventative maintenance parts typically consist of: Air and oil filters, separators, oil, hoses, tubing, rebuild kits: oil stop valve, oil return check valve, minimum pressure check valve, thermal valve, discharge pressure check valve, and auto drain.  Also, preventative checks on your machine will be performed ensuring there are no leaks and everything is running correctly.

To go with our car analogy, it’s the same as replacing your tires every 50,000 miles.

What is predictive maintenance? Predictive maintenance is determined by the condition of equipment rather than average or expected life statistics. Essentially, it tries to predict failure before it actually happens by monitoring the machine during normal operations.

Predictive maintenance would require oil samples be taken at the the time of service/oil change at 2,4, or 8K depending on the lubricant used. Lab analysis will indicate what metals are in the oil and show internal wear trends, this will help in identify if there is any abnormal wear present. This would help in having any costly down time. With the Chicago Pneumatic 5 year warranty oil samples are a required at each service interval.

Reminder lubricants offer two different time-frames you will need to replace your oil in your air compressor. Either compressor hours ran OR length of time.

Get a Maintenance Plan in Place

The effect that random or unforeseeable maintenance can have on your products and services, operating costs, and bottom line is significant. Whether it’s preventative or predictive maintenance plans, develop an overall strategy for your air compressor and stick to it.

Jim Phillis

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Jim Phillis , Technical Support Chicago Pneumatic

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