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Why Is My Compressor So Hot in My Compressor Room?

Too often, the compressor room is the last part of the facility considered when building a new area or re-purposing an existing location. Air compressors must have adequate ventilation because, when running, they produce a fair amount of heat. Space requirements for ventilation is important when selecting placement of your air compressor, but so is the space around the machine. Ensuring there is enough space around the machine for maintenance will save you a headache later in the machines lifespan. If technicians cannot access the equipment, you may find yourself paying a bill to have the machine moved for services performed. The key goal is to keep the temperature in the compressor room between the appropriate ambient temperature requirements laid out in the instruction manual. This will guarantee the right amount of space and ventilation is in place. Most compressed air systems have standard temperature ratings between 40 degrees F and 105 degrees F. Compressors perform best while running in ideal ambient temperature conditions, to ensure all condensation evaporates from the oil system.

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Steve Shrum , Technical Support Manager for Chicago Pneumatic

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