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Why is my air compressor filter full every week?

As you know, compressed air filters protect your machine from dirt, dust, oil and water. These contaminants are extremely common in the areas you would find a compressed air system and will wear down your machine if not properly filtered out. With all that being said, if your air compressor equipment’s filter is full every week then I would take a look at where your compressor is being stored. The excessive use of filters indicates there are large amounts of contaminants in the air. Below are a few items to help resolve the air pollution issue: Compressor Room: Yes, the best thing you can do for your air compressor is house it in its own room. This allows you to regulate what is in the room with your compressor, the air ventilation and heat temperature. Air ventilation: Keeping your compressor properly ventilated will ensure your machine does not overheat and are able to control the elements that shorten the overall life of the equipment. Genuine Parts: Why put your production at rise with generic filters or parts? Chicago Pneumatic genuine filters guarantee optimal return out of your equipment. Bottom-line, if your machine is requiring a new filter each week there needs to be critical changes to your system to protect the lifespan of your equipment. Below are a few example of machines, who will remain anonymous, that show you the potential dangers available if not properly resolved.

Water in compressed air is a problem, below are the details:

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