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Why isn't my Air Compressor Making Air?

Common Troubles Heard From the Techs

Anyone’s good day can turn sour when you realize your air compressor isn’t starting up. It is the heart of your business and depend on it. We get it. Despite the brand, size or type of compressor you may have, there are many similarities with the machines. This will allow you to check and see “why your air compressor isn’t working”. Before you call a technician, try these steps to save you the money and time waiting.

To try an help you diagnose why your air compressor will not start, here are the steps I would use on my own air compressor.

1. Is your discharge valve open?

Is there air coming out of the valve? If the air can't go anywhere, the compressor will not start.

2. Does your Compressor have power?

Basic concept, but serious. Make sure your compressor is plugged in and receiving power. Also, check the circuit box to ensure it isn't flipped. DO NOT use an extension cord. The compressor needs to be directly plugged into the power at the wall socket to ensure it's receiving the power supply needed.

3. Is the Compressor switched on or off?

Some air compressors, typically a reciprocating compressor, come with an on/off switch. This switch is either separate from or part of the pressure switch, make sure that it is switched to on.

4. Check the Reset Button.

if there is an issue in the plant or an issue with the power, the compressor will shut down to ensure there is no damage to the machine. If this happens, you will have to press the reset button before starting back up the compressor.

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