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Why is Redundancy Important with Compressed Air?

Having a backup compressor is a sinking point for many people. You make an investment in one compressor and hope that it has a lengthy lifespan to keep your business running without any downtime. The reality of it is, it's a piece of equipment. It needs maintenance. It will have necessary maintenance and repairs down the road. You have to make some decisions about how important that compressor is to your process and to your business. Having two compressors run at redundancy means a second unit is operating in parallel with the primary duty unit. Both of the compressors are sharing the demand. Should the primary unit fail or be shut down for maintenance, the second unit takes the full service.

Can you Afford to be Down?

three CPB 30 redundancy
If you shut your compressor off, what happens to your process? Do your employees stop working? Are you not able to paint cars? Can you no longer use your sand-blaster? That is going to start to determine where you are going in the next level. If you have determined that you cannot be without air at any time of the day, then we highly recommend that you have a second compressor. You have a need for complete redundancy. A second compressor helps run lead-lag with this unit. This way if there is an issue with one unit, we know we have enough on the second unit to run the facility.

When these units need maintenance, you will be able to shut down one unit to perform the maintenance and the other one will continue to run. This also applies to air dryers. Not just two compressors and one dryer, but two compressors and two dryers is recommended. If air treatment is just as critical to your business, you need a backup unit.

Make the Investment

Don't want to spend the extra money on a second compressor? Start to do some simple math about how much production time is lost if your business went down. What is the cost of production time if we shut your compressor off and you stop making money? Some of the manufacturing facilities on large scales, it could be $80-$100,000 per hour of loss revenue. Is it beneficial to spend another ten thousand dollars? Absolutely! Think of it like your service business: Do you only have one service truck? One set of tools? One repair man? You most likely have multiple in order to prevent customer downtime and lost dollars.

Heard of Duplex Compressors?

QRS 10 redundancy one tank
Chicago Pneumatic also offers duplex compressors. A duplex compressor is two compressors mounted on one tank. It is a great loophole to purchasing 2 separate units. You have double the horsepower, double the space savings and one central maintenance location. Because of these multiple advantages, redundancy is recommended. Keep redundancy on the forefront of your project and make sure that you build it into your cost. For more information, please reach out directly.

Please contact [email protected] for additional information. For tech support for any Chicago Pneumatic product, please call us at (877)861-2722, opt 1. Or email us directly at [email protected] . We look forward to helping.

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