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What Compressors are Most Quiet?

Quiet Compressor: How Chicago Pneumatic and Scratch & Grain Baking Work Together

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Looking for a quiet compressor for your business? Learn from the owner of Scratch & Grain Baking Company, Taya, who was on a mission to find just that! Scratch & Grain Baking make organic baking kits where the indivudual ingredients are packaged separately. So it's just like making from scratch, but you don't have to go buy all the ingredients individually.

They need a compressor here because they fill each of the ingredients in machinery and also have printers that print on all of the bags. That means they have a lot of air requirements from the assembly side.

As Taya and the team were making the move to a larger warehouse, they had a problem with their piston compressor that was previously running in their shop. It was always cycling on and extremely loud causing a harsh work environment for these bakers. Taya had enough and was determined to find a new compressor that was more quiet and that would allow room for growth.

scratch and grain
Scratch & Grain Baking often adds machinery to their shop and their compressor was always at its max limit. They had a large piston compressor, but it didn't make a difference. Taya went looking for a compressor that would allow them to grow their business, reduce the noise and wasn't constantly running. Scratch & Grain Baking reached out to a local Chicago Pneumatic distributor to find out what their choices were. With the help of the team, Taya and the team were upgraded from a Piston compressor to a Rotary Screw Compressor. The compressor allows for growth of the company and best yet, it's amongst the quietest compressors on the market! And that makes for a lot of happy bakers!

For more information about proper air compressor sizing, please complete the form below. Or call us directly at, 803-817-5738.

Thank you, Scratch & Grain! We loved hearing about your business, learning about your air compressor needs and especially trying your amazing baked goods!! - The CP Team

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